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More than 50,000 medical articles from Wikipedia on your smartphone or tablet. Free to use, no ads – and works even when you are offline.
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WikiMed is Your Perfect Companion as a Doctor, Nurse, or Medical Student

The most comprehensive resource available

WikiMed contains over 50,000 articles on medical topics, from anatomy to neurology, cancer care, skin diseases and mental health. All in one single, easy to install app for your smartphone or tablet. To ensure a comprehensive, relevant collection of medical information, we have partnered with the Wikimedia Medicine Foundation.

Free of charge

Just like Wikipedia, WikiMed is completely free to use. The app is developed and regularly updated by Kiwix, a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland.

No Internet connection required

Quickly access critical information on your fingertips – even in situations where you don’t have Internet access, since WikiMed works completely offline once it is installed. This is an invaluable advantage

  • for healthcare professionals working in remote areas
  • for people on a journey, i.e. a boat, a plane or a train
  • for students who cannot afford to pay for a mobile data plan


Different versions for different needs

To fit different needs, there are several versions of WikiMed available:

  • The standard WikiMed in English requires about 1.1 GB free memory on your device. If your storage capacity is limited, you can still use WikiMed Mini, which has no images and is limited to introductions and infoboxes, consuming only 100 MB.
  • WikiMed for Android is available in ten languages: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Odia, and Farsi.

Free Download

WikiMed is the largest and most comprehensive collection of health-related articles available for your mobile device. It includes content on diseases, medications, anatomy, and sanitation. Thanks to WikiMed, you can access one of the foremost and up-to-date medical dictionaries from anywhere, for free.