There has been bunch of releases with strange, complicated names lately: libkiwix 10.0, libzim 7, kiwix-tools 3.0, etc.

So here what this all means: a new, cleaner way to figure out which zim files are available out there, and in which languages. And it’s all at

An image is worth a thousand words, but it does not hurt to explain what you are looking at:

The top selectors allow user to filter zim files by language and topic (Wikipedia, MOOCs, TED talks, etc.). You can also search for a specific title.

Then the tiles themselves are “twice clickable”:

  • click on the tile and you will be taken to an online copy of the zim file (in case you do not know what is in it or the description is missing);
  • click on download and you will automatically be offered a choice between a direct download link, a torrent (more stable, we recommend using this for large files), and the hash value so you can make sure the file you got is uncorrupted.

These display improvements will also be available to users running their own copies of Kiwix-serve. But should you notice some bug or want to suggest improvements, feel free to open a ticket on our libkiwix repository on Github.

Many many thanks to all the volunteers who worked on this, in particular Maneesh and Manan, two of our GSoC students, but also Levon and Matthieu, our genius C++ developers.

Happy offline browsing!