We ask you, humbly, for your help

We do not collect personal data, we do not use ads.

Kiwix is entirely free. As a nonprofit, open-source project, Kiwix wouldn’t be what it is without the support of users -and donors- like you.

Your support will help us pay for servers, coding certificates, maintenance and everything else that makes Kiwix run smoothly for millions without internet access.

Kiwix is used in schools, universities, refugee camps and many more places. Your support will support them too.

We are a registered charity and members of Transnational Giving Europe. The receipt you receive after a donation is normally tax-deductible, but do check with the tax autorities of your home country.

Our fully audited financial statements for the last fiscal year are available here (a simplified overview is also at the bottom of our Annual report).

If you live in the EU/EFTA area direct money transfers are free! Send your donations to Kiwix, IBAN CH26 0900 0000 1454 0229 0 at PostFinance (BIC/SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX).

Other ways to help: if you can code, consider joining our team and help solve a few tickets or assist with development. Contributing with translations is super helpful too.



Our online donation solution is processed securely by Donorbox and Stripe. We do not store credit card details nor have access to it, even if you choose the recurring support option. For more information regarding data protection, please see our privacy policy.