Internship C++/QT (6 months)

Our goal

Kiwix is a 10 years old software suite developed to give access to Web content to people with no Internet access. It works a bit like a digital offline library.

Its older piece, Kiwix desktop, is a classic desktop application for Windows and Linux which reads data files with the extension *.zim. It displays the content like a Web browser would do.

Based on the deprecated Xulrunner framework of Mozilla, Kiwix desktop reached its end of lifecycle and had its backend and user interface entirely revamped using the Qt windowing library.

As far as features go, the new version of kiwix-desktop offers more or less the same functionalities as the older version:

  • Portable on Windows/Linux
  • Internationalization and localization support
  • Remote and local library management
  • Loading, displaying an searching in the ZIM files
  • Tabulations
  • Bookmarking/reading list

Most of the application’s “core” already exists as a software library called Kiwix library. Most of the work is about binding it with a new – and yet to be created based on already available UX work – user interface.

You would work in close collaboration with the C++ developer of the core library kiwix-lib. This work is part of a more global effort to improve the Kiwix software as a whole.

Your profile

You are a developer committed to (or at least familiar with) open source software, and familiar with GNU/Linux. You already have a small working experience with Qt and C++ (on personal projects for example). Ideally you will to share, explain, and demonstrate a past project (for example on GitHub).


This internship is paid ~1000€/month and takes place in Lyon, France. The work will be organised and framed by an experienced developer familiar with the project.

About Kiwix

Kiwix ist a free software project aiming to provide access to free knowledge to people without access to Internet. It is supported by the Wikimedia movement, of Wikipedia fame.

Candidates interested by this internship should send an email (cover letter and CV) to Matthieu Gautier (