We have been pushing our images to both docker.io and ghcr.io for a good while now (2y+).

Following the recent (March 2023) announcement, re-announcement then cancellation announcement, we have decided to only publish our images to ghcr.io for the foreseeable future.

For clarity’s sake, we have decided to remove all our images from docker.io as well.

We are sorry if this caused you inconvenience but unfortunately we have no way to communicate with you otherwise.

You should be able to migrate by simply prefixing our image references with ghcr.io/ so that kiwix/kiwix-serve:3.4.0 becomes ghcr.io/kiwix/kiwix-serve:3.4.0.

Please note that images pushed prior to our ghcr.io support (2021) are not on ghcr.io.

Open a ticket on our Github repository should you need any additional information.

See also #82