Read Wikipedia* even withouth an Internet connection

The free Kiwix Reader provides offline-access to online-content

* or Wikinews, Wikibooks, Project Gutenberg, TED, Khan Academy, Stack Overflow – or literally any website you want

Kiwix Reader

Kiwix Reader is an app which lets you easily store whole websites on your computer or mobile phone. By doing so, you can access these websites later – even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Kiwix Reader is free to use. It is available for all major operation systems: Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, Android, and iOS.

Kiwix Library

The Kiwix Library provides a broad selection of ZIM packages with informational and educational content in many languages. You may download them for free and share them with others if you like.

Among others, Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikibooks, Project Gutenberg, TED, Khan Academy, and Stack Exchange are available for download.

Even easier: Custom Apps

Customs Apps combine a specific content package plus the Kiwix Reader into one easy to install app. They are available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

For example, the free WikiMed app contains 50’000 Wikipedia articles on medical topics. Stored on your phone or notebook, WikiMed provides all the medical knowledge you might need – and you don’t have to worry about having an Internet connection.

Download Any Website

You are not limited to the content packages provided by the Kiwix Library.

You can basically download any website as a ZIM archive by using our Zimit service.

Once the ZIM package is created and stored on your device, you can open it with the Kiwix Reader app.

Share Content over a Local Network

By using the free Kiwix-Serve software, you can share content on your device over a WiFi network with other people.

As an alternative, you can set up a Raspberry Pi as an inexpensive local hotspot serving content over WiFi. We call this a Kiwix Hotspot. All you need is an SD card containing Kiwix-Serve and the ZIM content packages of your liking.

You can either build this SD card yourself, using the Kiwix Hotspot Installer. Or you can let us create an SD card image for you through the Kiwix Hotspot Cardshop.