WikiMed by Kiwix is now at v2.4.8. The headline feature is a new, modern bundling system which makes a smaller, faster core app with better memory management, while still supporting the same wide range of modern and legacy browsers.

The packages contain the March 2023 WikiMed English ZIM (mdwiki_en_all_maxi_2023-03), because there have been no new updated MDWiki ZIM archives since March, together with the changes in the CHANGELOG (also copied below). The Electron app uses Electron v22.3.8.

The Electron versions work with Linux 32bit and 64bit, and Windows 7/8/10/11. The Linux packages have been tested on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE.

The Electron apps feature full-text search, whereas the UWP app (for Windows 10+) is smaller and lighter, but only provides title search.


  • FEATURE: PWA app is now smaller and loads faster due to minification with modern build process

  • ENHANCEMENT: New modular system and bundler ensures smaller and more stable memory management

  • ENHANCEMENT: Add a Promise queue to prevent overlapping alert dialogue boxes

  • UPDATE: Renamed breakout link feature to “Download or open current article”

  • DEV: Removed RequireJS and migrated app to ES6 native modules

  • DEV: Provide clearer colouring when appCache is disabled for development

  • DEV: Use rollup.js and Babel to build compatible versions of the app for all supported browsers

  • DEV: Provide minified and unminified versions of the bundled app

  • DEV: Add a basic Vite.js server configuration

  • FIX: Make upgrade notification persistent in Electron app

  • FIX: Several UI issues with toolbars and downloads

  • FIX: Bug which prevented UWP / Edge Legacy app from reading articles with certain options deselected

  • FIX: Missing commit ID in Windows nightly builds

  • REGRESSION: Fix regression with (former) breakout link feature

  • REGRESSION: Restore dialogue box animations that were removed with removal of jQuery