The Literate Earth Project is a US-based non-profit. They manage 16 schools in Uganda, and another at the Imvepi refugee camp. They have been active for the past ten years already.

Literate Earth reached out because their next step is to deploy Raspberry Pi hotspots with Offline Wikipedia on them. They would also like to be able to collect basic metrics of use. For instance, which articles are most read? and do kids read what they are told to, but also engage down the rabbit hole of knowledge that is an encyclopedia?

We have started assembling tickets to develop the feature. Early estimates put it in the 10-15 kUSD worth of developer work.

If you would like to support this project, please pitch in any amount you would like, adding “metrics” in the Donorbox comments. You can also support Literate Earth directly by joining their Literarian Giving Society.