After many a release versions, Kiwix-desktop 2.0 is finally out: you can download it here!

There’s a lot of improvements from the earlier, older 0.9 version (yes, we never had a 1.0), and we wish it to have as long and successful a career as its ilustrious predecessor.

It’s a great product, has all the old features and a few new ones, but it’s not our Most Valuable Player yet. To be honest, at this stage it’s more like a Minimum Viable Product: it does the job, but needs some polishing and bug hunting. We are at this stage in software development where 99% of the work is done, and 1% that makes the difference between “hmmokay” and “awesome” is all that is left.

That’s where we (or rather they) need your help, because at the end of the day we do this for users.

Of course I want to help! What should I do?

Some things won’t work as expected, but we do not know which ones yet. Some obvious improvements could also be made, but we’ve been staring at it for so long that we’re unable to take a step back and say “oh, why isn’t this thing like that?”

  • If you are nitpicky, please come and have a look at it. And let us know your thoughts;
  • or if you know nothing about software except that “it should be simple enough for me to use”, it’s even better: please come and have a look at it, and let us know your thoughts.

Download Kiwix-desktop here.

Where should I give you my feedback?

The place to give your comments is here:

Yes, it’s called “issues” because we all have some, don’t we? You will need a github account (takes about a minute to open, and then you will be on a roll! Anything that you feel is wrong / should work differently: let us know. Simply try to quickly check beforehand that someone else hasn’t already made that comment.

Thanks a million!