This is a big milestone for the lightweight JavaScript-based app!

Major new features include:

  • Ability to read Zimit ZIM archives that you can create yourself on zimit;

  • Vastly improved load speed due to integrated block cache, native Promises, WASM decoders, and other enhancements;

  • Support for Linux, with Linux packages for Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE and generic AppImage, 32bit and 64bit;

  • Support for any Windows from XP to Windows 11, with NWJS, Electron and modern UWP packages;

  • A universal, installable, self-updating, offline-first PWA version, using the File System Access API for a near-native experience;

  • Dynamic content supported in the UWP app by enabling Service Worker in a special PWA mode;

  • Support for opening new browsable windows or tabs;

  • Ability to search for titles with wildcards and regular expressions;

  • Search for any asset in a ZIM by prefixing the namespace, e.g. I/isaac.*newton for images of Isaac Newton (or in no-namespace ZIMs C/isaac.*newton);

  • Support saving images to disk / storage with right-click;

  • Ability to show hidden navigation boxes in Wikipedia ZIMs even in mobile display style;

  • Auto-update for some Electron apps (exe and AppImage);

  • Kiwix JS can be installed and upgraded with the native Windows packet manager, with, e.g. winget install kiwix.kiwixjs.electron;

  • Support for newer no-namespace ZIM files.

Get it here: