Kiwix-JS is the browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Download it here (Google) or here (FF) and read zim files without leaving the comfort of your favourite browser window (call it confinement within your confinement).

What is new

  • Selectable dark mode for app UI and for articles;
  • Optional transition between app pages;
  • Native asset caching in Service Worker mode – considerably speeds up article load times in some contexts.

What is new-ish (a.k.a. Updates)

  • Privacy Policy;
  • Minor changes to Kiwix icon;
  • Bootstrap updated to v4;
  • Q Promise library updated to v1.5.1;
  • Various code simplifications and cleanup.

What is old (a.k.a. bug fixes)

  • Support details-summary tags to ensure all article subheadings are open in jQuery mode;
  • Broken display when search results have special characters;
  • Display of random article fragments when using back/forward buttons quickly;
  • Several UI bugs (search results disappearing, redundant scroll bar).

The code is available here for you to look at at your leisure, and should you want to help out with the upcoming 2.8 version there are a number of tickets (97 as of writing) waiting for your input!

Thanks to mossroy, Jaifroid and ashiscs for their contributions!