Kiwix-JS is a light-weight alternative to Kiwix for Windows but most importantly it is the one powering the Kiwix browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox!

Because of some limitations its primary purpose is to help people access Wikipedia offline, as at the moment it is not compatible with videos or zimit-generated zim files.

Here is for the changelog:

Kiwix-JS v3.3.0
* FIX: Improve packaging for the Ubuntu Touch app
* FEATURE: Provided a workaround to enable Service Worker mode in Firefox extensions (via a PWA)
* NEW: App now defaults to Service Worker mode if accessed directly as a PWA (does not apply to browser extensions)
* NEW: Support for non-http URLs in img and link tags (e.g. data: javascript:) in JQuery mode
* NEW: Added helpful tooltips to icons and settings in the app
* FIX: Scrolling to anchor targets in JQuery mode
* FIX: Caching of ZIM assets now includes any required query string in SW mode
* FIX: Any favicon declared by the ZIM is now extracted and attached in JQuery mode
* BUGFIX: Incorrect processing of titles with question marks or hashes prevented display of some articles

Kiwix-JS v3.2.0
* NEW: Support latest format of ZIM archives (with no namespace)
* NEW: Optimization of title search by eliminating redundancies
* NEW: Support new format of title listings (v1) in no-namespace ZIM archives
* NEW: Use fast binary WASM decoders with fallback to ASM if necessary
* UPDATE: Clearer and more extensive documentation for end users in About
* BUGFIX: Issue with calculation for selection of random articles

Note: we have already started to release ZIM files “without namespaces” and this version 3.2.0 is mandatory if you want to enjoy them with Kiwix JS.

Kiwix-JS v3.1.0
* NEW: Low-level block cache significantly improves binary search speed, and can speed up resource loading in most browsers
* NEW: Archives with WebP-encoded images are now decoded in legacy browsers via a polyfill
* UPDATE: Images are now extracted sequentially in jQuery mode from the top of the DOM
* BUGFIX: Running binary searches are now cancelled completely if user enters new search term or navigates away

The full Changelog can be found here:

All our Windows apps based on Kiwix JS have been updated in Microsoft App Store too. You can enjoy our apps on all Windows
based devices (mobiles, tablets, PC, Xbox, …):
* Wikivoyage;
* Wikimed;
* Kiwix.

Please report any problem! Work continues on our forge at and