The lightweight web app and browser extension version of Kiwix, Kiwix JS, has now reached version 3.0. It is primarily intended for use as a browser extension/add-on, and you can find one for your browser by searching for Kiwix in the Mozilla, Chrome and Edge extension stores.

Now you can have modern, fully supported Kiwix right there in your browser!

The major update in version 3.0 is that Kiwix JS now supports the upcoming new ZIM compression format, zstandard.

Please note that currently you do have to pick (or drag-and-drop) the ZIM archive you want to use into the app when you launch it (this is a Web API limitation). However, we are hard at work supporting the Native FS API, which will mean you won’t need to pick the archive in the future once you’ve chosen which one you want to use on first launch. The API is available for Chromium browsers, but not yet for extensions.

Kiwix JS is also the code behind the 32-bit compatible app (for Windows 7 and earlier).