We actually released 1.12, realized that some users were not super happy with what we thought was improved search, and made a quickfix with 1.13.

Here’s what you will get with the new update(s):


  • article outline improvements
  • show article title in the navigation bar if available
  • for MediaWiki based zim files, sections now expand when reading on horizontally narrow interface; if a section is already collapsed, tap on a outline item will expand that section
  • iPad users can customize the side bar display — automatic, side by side or overlay
  • the “All” button will now change to “None” if all zim files are included in search


  • prevent too much indentation when there is only one `h1` element in the article
  • list row separators now indent together with the text (so that it is easier to figure out the structure)
  • iPad: fixed an issue where search is not hidden if already visible when tapping on a outline row
  • setting for excluding zim files in backup is moved inside the library info interface
  • (iOS 13) some UI improvement / updates in search filter interface
  • aaaand… we brought back title-based search results (1.13).

Kiwix for iOS can be downloaded from iTunes.