Here’s what you will get with this 3.3.x update:


  • Improved loading of audio/video content
  • Card based views for lists
  • Improved translations
  • You can now delete notes
  • Kiwix now sends Diagnostic Reports when it crashes.

Bug  fixes

  • Loading older zim files could fail. Now it doesn’t anymore.
  • Some svgs were not loading. Now they do.
  • Sensible zoom defaults for oversized content. Taking care of your eyes.
  • Large downloads should start immediately.
  • Searching with kiwix via highlighting prompt.

Kiwix 3.1 for android can be downloaded from the Google playstore or directly here.

A lot of this was made possible thanks to our GSoC candidates. Thanks to all of you, and thanks for closing the 1,000th ticket!

Next release (3.4) is scheduled for June 2020.