So many updates that we can’t keep track of them. So these release notes will do for Kiwix-Android 3.3.2/3 and 4.


  • You can now control text zoom with a pinch!
  • Better flow for hosting content with your phone or tablet as a hotspot;
  • We rewrote the bookmarks/History internals;
  • And updated translations.

Bug fixes:

  • Search results were inaccurate when typing too quickly;
  • New zim scheme for addressing content;
  • Native memory leaks fixed;
  • Fixed crash on returning to webview from search result;
  • Some zim files could not be found after downloading;
  • Fullscreen videos were not displaying;
  • Urls containing “?” were not loading properly;
  • Notifications were erroneously allowing the user to pause a download;
  • Urls with “#” anchors now load to the correct portion of the page;
  • Save Media on long click was not working
  • And a lot more.

The app will update automatically, but you can also get Kiwix for Android straight from the Google Playstore. More importantly, you can become a beta-tester: simply sign-up here and you’ll get releases at least a week ahead of everyone. And should you spot any new problem flag it on GitHub.