Kiwix JS PWA and Electron / NWJS / UWP apps for Linux and Windows are now at version 2.5.6. These apps


    • Greatly improved file and folder picking experience for Firefox users and for any browser or framework that supports the Webkitdirectory API. The app now has the ability to pick a folder of ZIM archives in nearly all browsers (except iOS and Android, which are restricted) and switch very quickly between different ZIMs in the directory with no further permission prompts :

An animation showing how to pick a folder from the Firefox extension.

  • Users of the Microsoft Store app on Windows will now get the much more capable and up-to-date Electron-based appx as a seamless upgrade if your system supports it (Xbox, mixed reality and Windows Mobile users will still get updates to the legacy UWP app). Any user can still download and sideload the lightweight legacy UWP app if preferred, or use the PWA instead.

Try it out instantly at (make sure it has updated to 2.5.6).

Release packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, AppImage, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11: (Permalink)

Or, in Windows 10/11, open Command/PowerShell and type:

    • winget install kiwix.kiwixjs (modern appx installer, 64bit)

    • winget install kiwix.kiwixjs.electron (traditional executable, 32bit and 64bit)

Why do I have to give permission again after relaunch?

This is a browser security feature that we can’t override in the PWA version. However, it’s a very quick click or two in most browsers, and once you give permission to access a folder, all the files in that folder become accessible with no further permission prompts. If you want a version of the app that doesn’t ask for permission prompts, try the Electron or NWJS versions.


  • FEATURE: Ability to pick a folder of ZIM archives in nearly all apps and frameworks supporting the Webkitdirectory API

  • FEATURE: New Electron-based appx version of Kiwix JS now served from the Microsoft Store and from GitHub Releases

  • FEATURE: Electron app can now handle ZIM files, including the .zimaa part of a split ZIM fileset

  • FEATURE: Improved file and folder picking experience for Firefox and older browsers lacking the File System Access API

  • ENHANCEMENT: Fast re-opening of previously picked archives or directories in these browsers (number of clicks minimized)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Dragged and dropped files, including split files, can now be re-opened automatically in Electron and NWJS apps

  • ENHANCEMENT: Microsoft Store app now supports full-text search for users with 64bit Windows

  • ENHANCEMENT: Provide more gradual screen width transition with max page width auto setting

  • ENHANCEMENT: Restored the ability not to display images in ServiceWorker Mode in non-Zimit ZIMs

  • ENHANCEMENT: Restored lazy-loading of images on most landing pages (improves Android experience with image-heavy landing pages)

  • ENHANCEMENT: The Kiwix PWA can now be added as a Side Panel app in Edge (NB folder picking does not work in this configuration)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Top toolbar now resized correctly with Window Controls Overlay in installed PWA on macOS and Windows

  • ENHANCEMENT: When using Window Controls Overlay, app now has a draggable area (left of Kiwix icon)

+ a bunch of fixes 🙂