When you look at our numbers for last year, the good news is that Kiwix has been downloaded over a million times in 2019:

Map of downloads

That’s the number for our servers alone, but if you add the Android store, iTunes, APKpure and Windows store as well as the Chrome and Firefox extensions, we are probably closer to 1.3 millions (and then we still need to look at hotspot-based, large-scale deployments like Libraries without Borders). Overall, we think that a conservative estimate of our user base in 2019 is in the 3-4 million range.

The US is really standing out, and we also have Germany at #3: as far as we are concerned, it is a puzzle as to why so many presumably well-off people in these places would need offline access. The rest of our ranking is more in line with what we expected in terms of connectivity (or lack thereof, and thus need for Kiwix): China (#2), Cuba (#4), Yemen (#5)… 226 countries and territories in total, with one (1) lone download from the Vatican city

Dear Francis, we’re happy to have you on board.

But does everyone, everywhere, really access Kiwix then? Apparently not: one country reported zero (0) downloads last year

The place is Somaliland, and we suspect that local ISPs are mixed with neighbouring countries : not being an internationally recognized polity probably does not help having one’s own unique identifier.

If you’ve been there or know someone there, let us know!