How do you define success? How do you know that your project is really having an impact?

Ross Patrick Azogbonon is a teacher in Benin. We’d never heard of him before he simply tweeted this photo a couple of weeks ago. He found Kiwix to be so useful that he and some friends decided to go evangelize the country about offline access. He’s never asked for support, but just decided it was what they needed and went at it.

Ross Patrick, his brother Constant and their colleague Saliou Abdou want to help others deal with costs and connectivity issues. They help students prepare for exams. They organize workshop to show how Kiwix works. Show people how they can browse their favourite encyclopedia without internet, but also other projects like Vikidia for kids, or the Gutenberg library.

Theirs is an immensely popular project, because it is simple, and it is free. Now they’re touring schools in their hometowns up north, but also in large cities where you would not expect connectivity to be such an issue.

We built a solution, and people have started using it for needs or regions we hadn’t dreamt of covering. They’re using our desktop tech to make people’s life easier. Kiwix’ mission is to enable free education for all. Having people like Ross Patrick go and use Kiwix to do cool things is how we measure success ✌️