Kiwix and Swarm are pleased to announce their new project – making Wikipedia censorship resistant!

From 1–21 March, artists, gamers, developers, activists, crypto and non-crypto people will come together in the 2nd Fair Data Society Festival & Hackathon: if you have an idea in Art, Music, Activism, Privacy, DAO, dAapps & Web3, data liberation or even Game development, this will be the place to try and build and showcase it.

What do we want to do?

Kiwix is not really good at Art, Music, DAO or Game development. But we know a thing or two about free access to knowledge. The goal of the hackathon, for us, is to be able to bring about a proof-of-concept (PoC) showing how Wikipedia could be distributed on the Swarm network and thus become a lot more resilient to censorship. That will be Milestone 1, which can be further divided into two tasks, each with it own bounty:

Bounty #1: Uploading content PoC
    1. Bring a small Wikipedia, e.g. Bambara Wikipedia or similar (a few thousand articles) to Swarm;
    2. Bring a larger Wikipedia like the French Wikipedia (> 1M entries) to Swarm;
    3. Bring the English Wikipedia (6.4 million entries) to Swarm;
    4. Publish the container recipe (Dockerfile) along with your source code;
    5. Create a README to explain the principles of your solution, the way to use it and its limitations;
    6. Provide an analysis on how a Wikipedia snapshot (a ZIM file) could be directly publishable on Swarm… if possible at all!

Bounty details

Bounty #2: Make that content searchable
    1. Document an analysis about how a suggestion (based on Wikipedia titles) could be provided. Explain the complexity, list the tasks to do and the challenges;
    2. Provide a POC about how the list of entries in a ZIM file could be directly or indirectly reused on Swarm to provide a title-based suggestion system similar to the one provided by Kiwix (kiwix-serve for example).

Bounty details

Where do we start?

Ideally you will want to have a git account (github, framagit, etc.). And then have a solid look at what we did with IPFS. And then register for the hackathon and get to work!

You have three weeks to submit your solution(s). A jury made up of Swarm and Kiwix staff will look at submission and decide on the bounties.

Good luck!