Lyon 2020


It took a global pandemic to take us down, but we will be back!

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Kiwix-tools is a collection of command-line tools that allow Kiwix to run across multiple platforms. The most important tool is Kiwix-serve, which is the backbone of our Hotspot


We recently upgraded the desktop version of Kiwix to 2.0 – with a better layout, better user experience, better everything. After the release, comes the time for patches and maintenance – and version 2.1


The fastest-growing platform in the Kiwix world, with hundreds of thousands of individual users. With version 3.2 released, we’ll be working fixing bugs, improving code coverage and custom apps like the Wiktionary


Kiwix-JS is what runs on Chrome and Firefox extensions, as well as the KaiOS feature phones and their 85 million users across the world. Lots of UX challenges


Easy as (Raspberry) Pi to use, but certainly we can improve the UX for installer users



The essential tool to feed Kiwix, the MediaWiki Offliner converts Wikipedia and its sister projects into zim files. Tons of fixes and performance improvements.



This year’s hackathon will take place in Lyon, France. The city is centrally located and, importantly, home to a couple of developer friends (staff and volunteers).

Everyone is welcome to join, but we will cover travel costs for the most productive volunteers of the last 12 months for each platform. It’s our way to say thank you for their time and dedication without which Kiwix would not be there.





Dates tbd until we know more regarding the COVID-19 guidelines! 

Transportation and hosting

Kiwix will cover travel and hosting for all invited volunteers. Lyon has great public transit, and accomodation has been booked at a local conference center close to a tramway station.




Estimated costs for 15 guests x 8 days

Transportation: 5’000 EUR

Food & Board : 6’000 EUR

Varia (goodies, insurance, etc.): 1’000 EUR

Total: 12’000 EUR