So besides being the worst pun of the year for a blog title, there is an actual release of a Kiwix-JS extension for Edge, the new Microsoft browser with a cool logo. It also comes with the update for Kiwix-JS 2.8, that also works on Firefox and Chrome.


  • Intelligently select the best Storage API for storing settings between sessions;
  • Display title search results progressively instead of waiting for search to complete before displaying them;
  • User can change depth of title search from Configuration.


  • Better handling of case in title search, returning more accurate search results;
  • Use const to declare constants, enabling better app memory management;
  • Use SameSite=Strict for any residual cookie usage to conform to new security standards;
  • Major blocking bug causing high memory usage and slow load times when reading MIME type table of recent ZIM archives: now fixed.

The Kiwix-JS extension is available on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.