Kiwix for GNU/Linux

gnu LinuxDownload the .appimage file, then set executable permissions and execute it. Or follow the instructions on the Flathub page.

x86-64bit binaries Flathub

You can also find distro-specific packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

If you are running Debian or Ubuntu, kiwix can be installed by running the command sudo apt install kiwix
For Archlinux, you can install using sudo pacman -S kiwix-desktop
Fedora users can install it by running sudo dnf install kiwix-desktop

Source code is available on Github.

Custom apps

Custom apps are copies of Kiwix-JS packaged with a single zim file for ease of use. They come in two flavours: AppImage (portable), or Deb (installable) for both 32 and 64 bits systems. Tested on Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE.


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