Kiwix Hotspot

What is a Kiwix Hotspot?

A Kiwix Hotspot allows you to distribute free content through a local WiFi network with an inexpensive mini computer like the Raspberry Pi. This solution is especially useful for homes, schools, libraries, community centers, etc. End users just need a WiFi-enabled device with a browser: no need to download and install anything on their devices.


What kind of content can I distribute with Kiwix Hotspot?

Like all Kiwix software, the Kiwix Hotspot works with content packages in the ZIM format: Wikipedia, TED talks, ebooks from Project Gutenberg – thousands of files in more than a hundred languages. Pick and choose what you want, and fill your hotspot with it!

How do I install a Kiwix Hotspot on my Raspberry Pi?

You can download our free installer (for WindowsmacOS and GNU/Linux). Once the image is created, flash it onto a microSD card with Etcher or a similar program. Then turn the Raspberry on and simply connect to the Kiwix WiFi network from your phone, tablet or computer.

Alternatively, you can simply sign up for the online installer and let our servers do the crunching for you.

Which hardware is Kiwix Hotspot compatible with?

The hotspot installer is currently compatible with all currently available Raspberry Pi models (1/2/3/4 and W).

Do you sell pre-configured SD cards for Raspberry Pi or complete Raspberry sets?

We do not sell hardware to individuals. Please get in touch with a distributor in your area. Please contact us if you would like to know more or wish to become a distributor yourself.

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