The world is our oyster, and we need someone sharp as a knife to help us further open it. Kiwix is looking for a Library Content Manager to help us manage our every-growing library. This is only a part-time position at the moment, but on the plus side it is fully remote.
What you will do:
  •     Manage our content strategy: we know where we want to go, you will need to make it happen.
  •     Scout for new content, and handle requests on github
  •     Collaborate with creators to improve content quality or compatibility with our mission (this is when understanding free licenses comes handy)
  •     Master the zim toolchain: it’s a complicated term to describe the Zimfarm and CMS which we use to produce new content. Don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward once you know it. 
  •     Control zim quality (ie, make sure that it looks like what we had in mind)
  •     Manage our content portfolio (e.g. retire old files when they’re deprecated or broken)
  •     Collaborate with our dev team to improve our toolchain 
  •     Handle communication about new content & updates: what good is it if nobody knows there’s cool new stuff available?
  •     Measure audience and reports.
    What you bring to the table
  • You are comfortable with computers in general
  • Fluent English and French. Knowing Arabic, Hindi and/or Spanish is a big plus
  • Basic understanding of copyright and free (OER / Creative Commons) licenses

Interested? Then drop us a line : hello at

About Kiwix

Kiwix is the leading offline solution for people who cannot access internet content – be it because of data cost, low connectivity, or outright censorship. Simply put, our software copies the entirety of websites that can then be downloaded as zim files and stored locally : for example, we made the entirety of English Wikipedia’s 6.5 million articles fit on a regular cell phone. The Wikimedia Foundation is one of our main sponsors, but we also work with orgs from around the world.
We have about 6 million users worldwide, and seeing that nearly 4 billion people have poor internet access, we are confident that we are just starting our journey. Kiwix is used every day in West-African schools, US prisons, Indian universities or even Antarctic bases. Where there is no internet, there is Kiwix !