Affordable access to knowledge

Internet in Cuba is still a young thing. In the last few years Cubans went from not being allowed to own a cellphone to having it available for almost every social class. Internet is now all over the country. Yet connectivity is still poor. WiFi hotspots have opened everywhere but the service provided is expensive. Connections are slow and rates are time-based.

This is when Kiwix becomes useful: One download at a central internet access point (school, university, tourist spot) is all it takes. Files can then be transferred offline from one user to the next, either from USB key to computer, or from computer to phone. All it takes is a single download, and people can manage by themselves to share and spread the content they need.

Kiwix works where the internet does not. There are hundreds of places around the world with the same problem – low connectivity can be due to poor networks, but sometimes it is also just not there at all. Kiwix runs on boats, trains, even in prisons. Thousands can now access Wikipedia, the Wiktionary or the Gutenberg library at any time and at will. For free.